Blogging about Not Blogging

Written by Channon Gray

Blogging is a strange one, you know?

When I started blogging, I had no idea on where I’d end up; what I would enjoy sharing or talking about; what would and wouldn’t work; as well as, most importantly, if I would even stick at it.

Well, almost two years on I am still here chatting away, often to myself but that doesn’t matter. I like to write, share good old life tips and of course, rant on about things I love *uhmm, One Direction, apologies*. But guess what, life is constantly in the way right now. By life, I literally mean a bottomless pile of second year revision, exams, coursework and essays. It honestly never ends. I’ve come very much accustomed to life inside my tiny halls room, staring at the murky grey blind (because the sun is usually blinding), working until my eyes burn from my laptop glare, watching daytime telly (Holly and Phil on This Morning, are comedy gold) and actually looking forward to my daily co-op trip for lunch… They have student discount, don’t judge, their spicy chicken pasta is the one.

Blogging is tough, you know?

I’m stuck in the uni-is-slowly-making-me-mad-and-I-need-to-either-cry-and-have-a-mental-breakdown-or-eat-McDonald’s-mozzarella-dippers-ASAP kind of rut. I miss blogging and it annoys me that I can’t find time in my ridiculous revision timetable to even write just an ickle bit, for my own personal benefit and overall well-being. I turn 20 on Wednesday (27th, feel free to send me a birthday card… *detect sarcasm*) and oh my, if someone said to me you’ll be spending your 20th alone, revising and more-than-likely stressing, I would have been like, er no, uni is fun, obviously I will be partying like most 20-something-year-olds, nope, not me – Hollyoaks, a mac n’ cheese ready meal and a hot chocolate sounds more like it. Anyway, enough whining Chan.

Blogging is a tough old hobby to have; it requires absolute commitment and I am struggling to find time for it at the minute. But anyways, stick around and I’ll be back, I am sure!

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Channon Gray

I'm Channon and yes, it's spelt wrong, but that is interesting right? I'm 23 years young. I like to write, create art and travel. Cornish bumpkin who studied in London then Cambridge. I'm now a Postgraduate Student, Stationery Addict and all-round Life Enthusiast.

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