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8 Things to do in London as a Student (when you have very little money)!

Things to Do as a Student, in London, on a Budget // heythereChannon
Written by Channon Gray

First things first, I’m incredibly sorry for my lack of blog posts but I’m sure my fantastic array of photos will make up for it… right?

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It’s been my first ‘proper’ couple of weeks at University, and oh my days what a tiring time. It has involved hours and hours and HOURS of reading, you think I’m kidding? I’ve probably read more in the past week than I have in my lifetime (slight over-exaggeration but you get the just)! I have also written an essay of two-thousand words but not just any old “two thousand made-up words”, they were words critiquing Marxism (I know…). How exciting?

Anyway my little Sister (who isn’t so little at 14) Natty came to stay and we enjoyed a jammed packed weekend of London touristy attractions!

Saying goodbye to Natty after a brilliant weekend was difficult. On Monday she came to University with me, attended a lecture and enjoyed a student priced Hot Chocolate! It was nice to finally show her where I live and where I’m attending on a daily basis. But honestly, waving goodbye to the bus was horrible; I didn’t want her to leave me! Being homesick is strange, as you don’t realise how much you honestly miss home until you are reminded of it. Although it does get easier, and even after three weeks I have noticed that!

My latest London Underground findings:

  • It is okay to be in your thirties and playing Animal Crossing on a DS.
  • The most common form of entertainment is snake on the good old Nokia brick or as an alternative, comic books.
  • Performing the art of painting on your delicate liquid eyeliner on a fast moving train deserves a round of applause.
  • Unintentionally leaning against someone is only acceptable between 4pm and 6pm.


8 Thing’s to do in London based on mine and Natty’s weekend!

  1. Madame Tussauds – this place consists of famous faces in the form of waxworks. It provides the perfect opportunity to have ‘selfies’ with the likes of One Direction, Shrek, Johnny Depp, Ryan Gosling, Brad and Angelina, the Queen and even Shakespeare! However, the Chamber of Horrors petrified us and so that’s not for the easily scared! Although entry to this (super awesome) attraction can be pricey, myself and Natty used Tesco’s Vouchers! 10390470_10204413619092307_24164568682829318_n
  2. The Museum’s – including the Science Museum and the Natural History Museum! We visited just the two listed, although on the same site in South Kensington is the V&A which is well worth a viewing for those interested in Visual Arts. My personal recommendation would be to visit the Launchpad at the Science Museum (designed for under 12s but even fun for the grandparents). It is a range of interactive activities that engage with science at your very own fingertips. The Museums are free, and throughout Christmas offer a range events including ice-skating.PicMonkey Collage 2
  3. Nandos – OUR FAVOURITE RESTAURANT! It’s a moderately priced Mozambican/Portuguese inspired chicken restaurant with a large array of options on the menu from burgers to whole chickens.
  4. Shopping in Oxford Street (or window shopping if you are a student like moi) – we went to Primark as it offers the latest fashion for reasonable prices. Nat was particularly excited as we don’t have one down in Cornwall. Their range of printed themed t-shirts for £6 attracted most of our attention. Cheap and easy fashion, I highly recommend!
  5. Tower Of London – until the 11th of November the Tower is hosting an incredible, emotional and thought-provoking exhibition to commemorate one hundred years since the First World War. The display consists of 888,246 ceramic poppies presenting “Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red”. It’s phenomenal and a once in a life time opportunity.nnLondon with Natty and Teen Awards 094
  6. Teen Awards – Natty and I went to Wembley Stadium on Sunday to watch the Radio 1’s Teen Awards. Although this only takes place once a year, it’s a music event costing just £10, so add it to your list of things to do! We were lucky enough to see The Vamps, Ella Henderson, Rixton, Ariana Grande, Labrinth as well as PointlessBlog, Zoella, Tom Daley, Joey Essex, Cheryl and the Radio 1 DJ’s. It was a nice way to celebrate some of the countries Teen Heroes. nnnnLondon with Natty and Teen Awards 178
  7. Pizza Express – once again super cost effective if you pay using Tesco’s vouchers! Please be aware that not ALL London Pizza Expresses accept the vouchers, so ask before ordering! The branch out at Wembley does! Who doesn’t love pizza? (Get the Pollo Ad Astra” yummm)!
  8. Have a Wonder! London is beautiful day or night, it has a vast amount of things to do throughout the day such as Covent Garden, Leicester Square and Trafalgar Square. The nightlife is something else, Piccadilly circus and the London Eye at night are particularly worth a photo opportunity.

 That is just a small list of what the city has to offer! Do you have any recommendations of cheap places to visit? Leave a comment below!

Thank you, C x

For more information about any of the following just click on the links!


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