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13 Reasons as to why I’m worried about University… – Part One

Are you worried about university? I was but here's my advice and initial thoughts to get you through those freshers weeks at uni or college. // heythereChannon #University #FreshersWeek
Written by Channon Gray

Worried? Who me? Pfft.. PETRIFIED!

“Too Much Stuff” via

“Too Much Stuff” via

I can't cook, HELP? This GIF pretty much sums up how I can imagine my first week at university is going to be!

I can’t cook, HELP?
This GIF pretty much sums up how I can imagine my first week at university is going to be!

So I leave for University in just over a week, and already I can see what an eventful weekend it is going to be. Basically imagine this: a car journey from Cornwall to Central London with my Mum and Grandad (who despises any form of city), oh and a car jammed packed full of stuff (that will be 92% irrelevant because I’m packing). Never mind using a satnav that doesn’t understand my Grandad’s thick Cornish accent! It’s a recipe for disaster, but a fun one at that.

I’m amongst the last of my friends to leave for University, which has its pros and cons. Pros being you can learn from their hiccups, for example, forgetting to bring a dressing gown for when the fire alarm goes off at 3am on your first night – apparently its freezing cold out especially in just your underwear! However, the cons are that I’ve had to wait for what feels like forever and I still have ages left!

I have my worries about University, most of which are probably being felt by every other 18-year-old attending Uni for this first time this month. So I thought what a great idea it would be to create an expectations/reality type blog post (yes, similar to that clever bit of filming in 500 Days of Summer – my all-time favourite film). What are my expectations for my first week?

1. I have way too much stuff, either that or my room is too small?

Packing for Uni could be potentially categorised as “impossible”. I mean, there are so many things that I want to take for “what if” occasions, or “just in case”. Apparently taking my ginormous rubber duck is a terrible idea, I disagree.

2. Oh dear, I CAN’T COOK.

My family are under the impression that I am completely useless when it comes to cooking, and to be quite honest they are right. But I’m pretty sure once I have no choice but to cook something more adventurous than pasta, then I will just about cope. I have bought, “Nosh For Students”, a student cookbook designed for numpties like my myself. I have a feeling it will be my new best friend!


The idea of making new friends petrifies me. Although I love meeting new people and socialising, there is just something about meeting my flatmates for the first time, the one question I keep asking myself is, “what if they don’t like me?”

4. Iron? People actually use one of those…

I’ve NEVER used an iron before in my whole life, so this is going to be an almighty challenge for me when starting University. Having said that, my theory is: don’t iron it useless you have no choice too, a couple of creases won’t hurt and they needn’t know it has contributed to your ‘floor-drobe’ for the past week.

5. Dishes, anyone?

I HATE washing up. Is there anyone out there who actually enjoys washing up? No, didn’t think so. The question is: is it possible to eat soup off of a plate using a fork? Challenge accepted…


Click here for Part Two!

C x

You can buy “Nosh For Students” here: – I guess it’s kinda handy!

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Are you worried about university? I was but here's my advice and initial thoughts to get you through those freshers weeks at uni or college. // heythereChannon #University #FreshersWeek

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August 15, 2019 21:15

I know this was written ages ago, but i got my results today. I had a little panic about how really real uni was and this helped me realise that everyone actually is in the same boat, so thank you x

October 9, 2018 11:42

How could you never use iron before? LOL. I couldn’t cook too before only rice and simple dishes like fried chicken but after studying abroad, I have no choice than to cook if I want to eat some Malaysian dishes. So you’ll be fine! Don’t worry much x


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