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13 Reasons as to why I’m worried about University… – Part Two

Are you worried about university? I was but here's my advice and initial thoughts to get you through those freshers weeks at uni or college. // heythereChannon #University #FreshersWeek
Written by Channon Gray

My expectations for my first week at University, for part one click here!

I'm lost...

Mum, I’m lost!

6. An interesting fact about myself? Hmm.. Well this one time…

I dread those kind of introduction, “get to know each other” days because you are always asked to think of an interesting fact about yourself to share with the rest of the group. I remember when I started college my so called ‘interesting’ fact was: “I have a fish called Sid after the Skins character” (R.I.P Sid, you legend). On reflection, that wasn’t even slightly amusing, but it’s a new leaf for Uni right? So far I have: 1) I smacked my mouth on a toilet when I was 2 and had to have plastic surgery on my lip, 2) I have a joint-replacement in my finger, or 3) My name is spelt wrong! My problem being not only do these facts illustrate me as slightly accident-prone but also point out my illiterate name. Although one thing is for sure, I need to stay away from facts about my pets!

7. I’M LOST *awkwardly pretends to be replying to texts when actually frantically searching the campus on google maps* HELP?

I really don’t like being lost, which is good because luckily my sense of direction is pretty good. But this one is inevitable, and so is walking into a classroom, slightly late, only to realise you’ve got the wrong room and everyone is now starting at your glowing red cheeks. I’m looking forward to that one…

8. I’ve been asked what kind of music I listen too, shall I just make it up?

The number one thing that impresses people is a good taste in music, that of which I don’t have. So I’m seeking advice, what do I say when I get asked my taste in music? Cornish Traditional Dancing Music Conveying An Interest In Pasties? (That’s your cue to laugh…).

9. I know, I’ll call Mum…

There is this saying which for so long I have thought, what idiot made that one up? But it is true, “Mum knows best!” This will definitely be my motto whilst living away, despite her living five and a half hours way she will of course know the answers to my problems (I hope). Good old Mum eh?

10. I’m drunk, too drunk, I’ll just be quiet.

Despite Fresher’s being designed to get students drunk and make friends through talking about that one time when they were six they bought a pet slug from their back garden to show and tell and then they drowned it in their water bottle. Cause that’s the best way to make new friends, right?

11. I have an accent? Really?

I’ve always been told by people at home that I sound far from Cornish, which is strange considering I have lived here my whole life. So, I’m not overly worried about this one as I’ve heard it’s the thing people most take the mick out of.. GREAT. I’m more so expecting the question “wait, you are from Cornwall, where is that?”


This is the one that scares me the most, as similar to that of ironing, I have never had to budget before. Although, I think the best way to deal with this from the all the advice I’ve read online, is to deal with cash, as apparently it helps you to notice how much you are spending. So this is a tip I shall definitely take on board, along with living on value food products. Plus, that’s why the invented student overdrafts…

13. THE alarm clock.

I’m not very good at being on time anyway, and up until now my alarm clock has been my Mum yelling at me from four rooms away, threatening that if I don’t get up then I will have a bottle of water over my head or that she was willing to leave me behind. Great for those skiving school days, not so great for when you want a lift in the rain. So, we shall just see how well trained I am with time management and early mornings, (hate).

For part one click here!


C x

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Are you worried about university? I was but here's my advice and initial thoughts to get you through those freshers weeks at uni or college. // heythereChannon #University #FreshersWeek

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