Coming To The UK To Study? Here’s Your Checklist…

Written by Channon Gray

More and more people are relocating to the UK to take advantage of the amazing universities that are available. If this applies to you, you will no doubt have a lot to plan and think about before your big move. In this blog post, we are going to reveal some of the different things you need to do prior to your move.

Find somewhere to live

The first thing you need to do is find somewhere to live. There are lots of student houses throughout the country, so you should not find this too difficult. For your first year, you may be able to live on campus. However, if all of these houses have been taken, don’t panic. Start searching online for alternative options.

Sort out any tax requirements

You will need to notify the authorities in your home country that you are planning to leave, otherwise, you may find yourself subject to additional taxes. You will need to discover what (if any) taxes you are subject to in the UK, and how you go about paying the taxes in question. This is usually via an online portal.

Forward correspondence

This is one of the most common things people overlook. They move overseas and all of their mail is still being sent to their old address. This can be very frustrating, especially if you don’t want your parents going through all of your letters back home!

Find a doctor beforehand

Leaving healthcare until you get to your new location is risky. You want to make sure you have a doctor set up before you move. If this is not possible, at least set up an appointment with one so you can sort it as soon as you get here. In the UK, there is the NHS service, which you should be able to access as a student. However, it is worth checking this out more thoroughly beforehand.

Open a local bank account

Make sure you have a bank account open in the UK before you move, otherwise, you could find yourself being subject to some very hefty transaction fees and currency fluctuations. You can get a student bank account once enrolled at university. You don’t have to close the bank account in your home country. In fact, a lot of people still use their home bank accounts regularly, especially if they have family in their home country or they are planning on re-visiting or even moving back there once their degree is over. You will need to contact your bank to inform them that you are moving abroad, however.

Make copies of all your important documents

Make copies of everything you think you may need while in the UK and, of course, take the originals too. This includes your birth certificate, any references, student/employee certificates, marriage certificate, pension plan documents, passport, ID card, social security cards, vehicle titles, loan documents, wills, house deeds, insurance policies, mortgage documents, and such like.

So there you have it – the steps you should not forget to take before you move abroad. Make yourself a checklist to ensure everything runs smoothly and you don’t forget anything.

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