Love Island: What do I do with my life now it is over?

Love Island Liv
Written by Channon Gray

ITV2’s reality TV series “Love Island” has dominated my life for the past 49 days/7 weeks; I am officially addicted as it is now firmly apart of my everyday routine. For the days when I miss it on Live TV, then I will continuously refresh the ITV Hub until it appears around 2am! It has vastly become a guilty pleasure, one that people are not afraid to admit. 

However, the Final is tonight and already I am asking myself, what am I going to do with my life? 

You know that you’ve arguably given into the mainstream hype, when your entire day revolves around Love Island. Daily life is put on hold for the hour each day, except for Saturdays, which can I just say, what is that about? Most importantly, dinner absolutely must be served, eaten and cleaned up prior to the reality TV series binge. Come 9pm it is slouch-on-the-couch time with snacks in one hand and the Twitter app open in the other.

Love Island was a key topic of my university graduation drinks ceremony, the only relevant subject currently being discussed, albeit in brief, at the supermarket checkout and I am almost certain, my family are bored of me fussing over meme’s of #ChrisAndKem on Instagram/Twitter. It has become normal to yell ‘I’ve got a text!’ at random points throughout my day and use the slogan, ‘100% my type on paper’ or ‘muggy’ as though it were common chat.

Tomorrow, I imagine, will feel the same as coming back home after a while away (in this case, a holiday to Majorca lived through our TV screens), back to the daily slog with nothing to look forward to, in other words, where normality resides. Fun times!

There is only one moment of excitement left, that being who will win?

From the very beginning, I have adored Camilla; maybe it is because I want her job, her life, her personality… Who knows! So therefore, I’d love to see her win with Jamie; although, that is simply because one cannot vote for the true villa lovebirds: Chris and Kem…

Anyways, I hope you all enjoy the Final and that the withdrawal symptoms are not too hard to cope with; at least we still have Big Brother! Join me on Twitter tonight at 9pm for a live chat of the Love Island Final 2017.

P.S. I’ll just waiting patiently for a Chris and Kem ft. Stormzy rap album. Over and out xo.

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