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How to use Grammarly: Good Grammar is CRUCIAL for Essay and Job Application Success

Laptop - Grammar is important therefore you should use Grammarly // heythereChannon
Written by Channon Gray

Perfect grammar can be tough to master, but with the help of Grammarly, this just got a whole lot easier.

Anyone who is a frequent reader of my blog will know that I was diagnosed with dyslexia and dyspraxia whilst studying at university. This means that I find consistent grammar harder than most. Throughout my degree, I struggled with every essay and exam as my grammar had to be of a high standard, or at least to the best of my knowledge and understanding. These days, especially for the likes of my blog, I use Grammarly; and I so wish I had discovered it sooner.

Why is ‘good’ grammar important?

Good Grammar is Important - here are 5 Tips on Why it Matters? Grammarly is a programme I'd highly recommend // heythereChannon

What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is an automatic proofreader designed to pick up on spelling mistakes, duplicated words, and grammatical errors. It is a free tool that you simply add its extension to your search engine or use its online text editor; it will then scan anything you go to write and offer corrections when necessary.

Good Grammar is Important - here are 5 Tips on Why it Matters? Grammarly is a programme I'd highly recommend // heythereChannon

As I mentioned, Grammarly is completely free for basic, hassle free spelling and grammar corrections.

Alternatively, you can purchase the subscription version of the programme for advanced settings and tools.

I’m not one to make too many mistakes; I think my years of essay writing skills is something that has improved my grammar no end. I receive weekly reports from Grammarly containing my statistics; for example, it states how many errors I have made as well as my overall accuracy when typing. However, it is a tool that I rely on for those odd occasions where something is incorrect.

Let’s face it, you don’t want to read sloppy or badly written blog posts littered with spelling mistakes or grammar faults. I try my best to make your reading experience as pleasant and enjoyable as possible.

Good grammar is important for first impressions, conveying oneself in a correct way and communicating with others; and with Grammarly, there are no excuses!

What is Grammarly useful for?

The programme can be used for any form of writing, from Facebook statuses to online job applications. As a student, essay writing and sending emails to lecturers or other students is where Grammarly can be of the most help. It will save embarrassment and ensure a high mark regarding the spell check/good written English aspect of the marking scheme.

However, when it comes to applying for job opportunities or roles this is where the functionality and practicality of Grammarly shines. A company or job recruiter does not want to receive a résumé full of poor grammatical errors. In fact, your application is likely to end up in the bin!

Good Grammar is Important - here are 5 Tips on Why it Matters? Grammarly is a programme I'd highly recommend // heythereChannon

Grammarly has a wide variety of uses, but above are just few whereby good grammar is absolutely necessary. It is excellent for students, business-minded individuals or even those suffering from the likes of dyslexia. I’d recommend it to anyone.

Have you ever used Grammarly? Would you recommend it to others? 

***Disclaimer: this post contains an affiliate link. 

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I discovered Grammarly about 3 months ago. I was really impressed by how it works. I always considered myself semi-decent at English but Grammarly taught me that I had some improvements to make.

This post is perfect for students going back to school and uni!


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