Congratulations, Graduate! Now What?

Written by Channon Gray

Congratulations, graduate! You’ve gone through all the college years and all the hard work and you’re finally here cap in hand and gown freshly pressed. It’s time to stand now and face the real world. You’ve got to start adjusting to life after university now, which is going to be undoubtedly difficult. When you have spent years adjusting to college life and living frugally while you balance studies with a part time job, the next bit can feel tough and overwhelming. However, it’s graduation, and today’s the day that your life begins. It’s the day you are finally more accountable for more than just yourself, which means you have some decisions to be made.

There are so many routes that you could choose to take after graduation and everyone on your course will have a different way to go. Some might choose that this is the time to head off and travel. Perhaps they didn’t get that gap year earlier on and want some time out to explore and let loose before joining the real world. Others out there might combine a graduate job with travel and relocate abroad for a year. Australia is always a popular destination for graduates to explore and jobs boards like GradAustralia can always be on hand to help you with your job search. There are a great many avenues that you can choose to go down, but before you can read about the options, you need to congratulate yourself. You have come this far, which means that you are perfectly capable of going even further and doing something amazing with your life now that you’re a fully-fledged member of the real world. You’ve got some time to get your next steps into action, and here are four avenues that you can take once college ends.

Graduate Jobs

The first thing that you should do after graduating is arrange an appointment with your careers advice service. You need to know what’s open for you out there so that you can start making informed decisions about what comes next. Most colleges have excellent wider world links, which can help you to figure out which jobs would be perfect for you to go for. As much as possible, you need to put yourself out there and be seen in the world. Highlight your strengths and learn how to give yourself a good name on your resume.


Some students go directly from the lecture halls to the business world by continuing the hustle they had in college. Starting your own business based on a hobby that you can do well is a good way to ensure that you are earning as much money as possible. Career service advisors can help you to get yourself the best start in working for yourself so that you can be a success in whatever avenue that you choose to work in.

Study Further

You may have spent years studying to get to this point in your education, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t more to learn. Postgraduate study programmes are often shorter than undergraduate degrees, as they are a top-up to your education. You also may need post-graduate qualifications to be able to work in your chosen career. Don’t do it for extra cash or to stall the time it’ll take you to get into the real world; go further because it’s what you want for yourself. You are the person in charge of your life, no one else, and you can choose to add more educational strings to your bow.

Take A Break

A gap year isn’t the only way to take a break before college starts. You’ve just spent four years or so with your nose firmly to the grindstone and it’s okay to want to take a moment to discover a bit of the world and relax before you get into the world of work. There are other ways to learn besides a lecture hall, so chose to head to places that will enhance you spiritually and you’ll be able to take away some valuable life experience before you learn about the business world. You can choose to work while you travel and gain some experience in the industry that you want to work in, too, and this is only going to enhance your resume.

College graduates aren’t limited to their choices. All you have to do is work out what would make your heart sing and go for it with both eyes wide open.

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I'm Channon and yes, it's spelt wrong, but that is interesting right? I'm 23 years young. I like to write, create art and travel. Cornish bumpkin who studied in London then Cambridge. I'm now a Postgraduate Student, Stationery Addict and all-round Life Enthusiast.

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