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3 Unmistakable Signs Of Depression

Written by Channon Gray

Despite what many people seem to think, depression is not a mood, but an illness. In fact, it’s one of the most common illnesses known to humanity, with an estimated 3 in one hundred people worldwide to experience it at some point in their lives. It’s likely that you know several people who have depression, whether or not you are aware of it when you meet them in social settings. What’s more, it’s a serious illness, with the worst case end result being death from suicide. Given the sombre and destructive nature of this health issue, it’s clearly very important to make sure that we all actually know what it looks like. This is important for not just knowing ourselves better, but being able to spot it better in those we love – so that we can take the right steps, or offer the right kind of support, whenever it is needed.

Low Self-Esteem

A healthy individual has a strong sense of self-worth, ideally one which is not easily swayed by the opinions of others or the sways of life. But a depressed individual will almost always have a low self-esteem, and this is a sure sign of the illness itself. If you or someone you know appears to have low self esteem, it might be worth looking into depression as a possibility. The good news is that self-esteem can be worked upon and improved, and that doing so actually helps improve the depression as well. But it’s also a serious symptom which needs to be respected, and worked with, in order to ensure that it doesn’t worsen over time.


As with practically all of the symptoms of depression, insomnia may well be the result of something else entirely, and can appear in someone’s life whether or not they are suffering from depression. However, depression is one of the most common causes, and as such it is a good idea to make sure that you can rule it out. In either case, once again it is worth trying to work on the insomnia itself, as that can help to stop the cycle of depression too. There are countless insomnia remedies, and it’s a good idea to approach all of them at once if you really want to make sure you get some more sleep. With more sleep comes more of an ability to look after the mind, so this is important.


A much more serious symptom of depression is self-harm, and one which should be dealt with promptly. If you notice someone you love harming themselves, it can be a difficult situation to deal with. But you would be surprised how far you can get with a gentle, loving word and a kind shoulder to cry on. If nothing else, you should make sure not to ignore it, whether it is you or someone close to you. Dealing with the situation at hand is the number one way to beat depression as it arises.

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