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9 Must have APPS for Students!

Must Have Apps for Students at University // heythereChannon
Written by Channon Gray

I have been absolutely loving these apps lately and I believe that they are perfect for students!

9 Must Have Apps for Students, read more here.


Since moving to London Uber has been super helpful as it allows you to have a Taxi at the click of a button. It also tells you how long it will be and you can prepay for your journey, plus the cars now allow you to play your own spotify music (win!).

Sleep Cycle

I downloaded this because I was curious to see what my sleep quality is actually like and for how long I actually sleep each night. Over the past few months this App has become my absolute best friend and I cannot live without it. It has a built in alarm that wakes you up over a 30 minute slot, to stop you from feeling extra tired, it calculates your sleep quality as a percentage. It is also able to differentiate between light and deep sleep. I LOVE IT SO MUCH.


My bank is HSBC and their app is superb for mobile banking. It allows me to keep an eye on how much I am spending as well as giving me the chance to transfer money whilst on the go! I am sure other banks have alternative apps with a similar concept. Handy, eh!


This is similar to an NUS card which offers great student discounts. However, UNiDAYS has temporary offers with up to 50% off clothing, free McDonald’s (#lifemade), restaurant vouchers and offer’s access to huge discounts such as Apple Education.


iTalk is a great App for recording lectures. You can select the quality to ensure as little room as possible is taken up in your memory (super hepful when you have a 16GB iPhone… enough said). Although, I am still not overly sure how to get these off of my phone, so if you find out let me know in the comments below.


I decided back in the summer to start tracking my daily calories as well as recording all the exercise I do. This is mainly for me to keep healthy, but I have found it extremely fascinating finding out how many calories are in some of the foods I love the most… pizza… pizza… more pizza… Super helpful app that has a massive database of foods for you to select from and gives you the opportunity to add more.


My maths skills are horrific, so this one is kind of useful… for everything!

HomeBudget Lite 

This app I used when I started university because I didn’t have much money. Budgeting (luckily) is just something that I have learnt to do over the past few months, but this app is a great place to start.


I have been using this Microsoft Office 365 app for so long now. It is my life saver. I write all my notes on the app which then allows me to transfer them between my laptop, iPad, phone, etc. It is super easy to use and ensures that all your university notes stay organised (and in date order). I would recommend this programme to everyone who takes notes regularly, because you pretty much cannot go wrong or lose files like you can on Word (yes, I know you have a thousand files called “Untitled 1” “Untitled 2…” “Untitled rgjadftohgfgjnbiihggffbojndjot”). MY FAVOURITE APP EVER OKAY?


Was this post helpful to you? If so then let me know in the comments below

or if you have any other suggestions then do care to share!

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P.S. You can contact me here (it will be the best decision you ever make… well maybe)! 

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