Top Tips For Getting Ready For Uni

University isn't for everyone but you never know, it might be the right place for you. But there is lots to consider before signing yourself up to a course! - // heythereChannon
Written by Channon Gray

You are about to head off on one of life’s greatest adventures: uni. University can be a big step, especially if you have lived with your family and are off on your own now. Not only have you got to handle your learning and time management, and perhaps work placements, but the practicalities of living on your own. Fear not, though, as we have some tips to help you. 

Get into a routine

When you have longer holidays than you may be currently used to, and days where you do not have any lectures, it can be tempting to let routines slide. However, this is much more likely to set you up to fail in the long term. Stick to your routines by getting up at the same time, eating meals at regular times, attending classes, and any Think Smart Academy sessions and go to bed at a decent time. Your health, and your grades, will thank you for it!

Prepare for entry exams

Some institutions require you to complete an entry test to gain entry to the course you want. It’s important to prepare for these exams properly. Conduct plenty of research and revision to make sure you’re fully prepared. There are also various courses available that can help you to get into the final course you want, such as a UCAT Preparation Course.

Learn how to save money and budget

Learning how to manage money is a steep learning curve for many university students, with many blowing their entire budget for the first term during freshers week. It seems like a bit of a rite of passage, to survive on cheap noodles and beans, but with careful money management, it doesn’t have to be like that. Ok, so you probably are not going to be able to shop at Harrods and go out for swanky three-course meals, but if you budget well, you can live well without turning to the bank of mum and dad. Download a budgeting app to help you keep an eye on your spending.

Learn how to use a washing machine…

It is a standing joke that uni students go home once a week or once a term and dump all of their washing on their parents, where it is magically returned cleaned and ironed, but it is important to think about what you will do when you desperately need that top for that job interview or that dress for that last-minute night out. Learning how to use a washing machine is a basic life skill that you should have mastered, even if you do not use it very often, before you go off to university – trust me, it is worth learning before you go otherwise you’ll end up like me

…and learn to cook

Kitchens in halls and student digs can leave a lot to be desired and can be very basic, but that does not mean that you need to survive solely on pot noodles and kebabs from that dodgy-looking takeaway on the corner. Having a few basic dishes in your repertoire – a spaghetti bolognese or a pasta bake, for example, will save you money, keep you healthy and might even help you to make some new friends!

Know when to ask for help

Going to university is a pretty big deal, and at times, you will feel out of your depth, whether that’s with the academic side or the pastoral side of it. If you feel like you need to talk to someone or need some help, don’t be afraid to ask your tutor, your parents, your friends – anyone who can support you and signpost you to the right place whilst at uni. Good luck!




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