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How To Find Your More Productive Successful Self

Finding a more productive lifestyle is key to achieving your goals and success. It's about being motivated and willing to do what you can to achieve your goals. // heythereChannon
Written by Channon Gray

Finding your most productive successful self can be a difficult task; however, as a member of the Planning For Success Club and all its resources, you’ll no doubt find it easier.

To get you started on achieving maximum productivity I recommend taking some initial steps. These are simple to follow and anyone can take them no matter what your supplies, skills or experience are.

First of all, you need to reduce your task list down to three top-priorities!

I am the biggest advocate of narrowing down your to-do list in order to achieve maximum productivity. It seems strange to say that if you give yourself less to do, you’ll actually achieve more than you would normally.

Once the three tasks are completed, that is when you move onto everything else you’ve got to do. In my opinion, you should include the most boring/hardest to-dos within that list as then you’ll get them over and done with first. This will automatically spur you into feeling more motivated and positive about the day ahead of you.

Also don’t wait for the ‘perfect’ day, time or occasion to arrive to get a certain task/project completed; just started it as soon as possible as the conditions will never be absolutely ideal no matter how much you plan for them to be.

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Second, mess creates stress and therefore less-productive behaviour/attitudes…

You need clear your workspace; this will allow your head to be cleared at the same time. Remove any clutter you might have but don’t just hide it in a cupboard, as you’ll still be thinking about it even if you cannot see it.

I’ve discussed the importance of decluttering for your wellbeing on my blog in the past, you can read all about here in more detail as well as ways to incorporate a spring cleaning regime into your bullet journal.

Third and finally, set yourself a routine that incorporates positive and useful habits:

Routine is where most people go wrong with being productive. They get up at different times, each lunch randomly, catch-up on emails when they’ve got a minute and then spend the last half of the day in a collapsed heap on the sofa.

However, if you set yourself up a sustainable routine that works around your lifestyle then this will help tremendously with productivity, wellbeing and energy levels. I’m not saying that getting up 5 am is the answer to everyone’s needs, but utilising the morning where possible most certainly has its benefits for the purpose of being focused.

Ensure that you set aside time for breakfast, lunch and dinner each day, as well as time for emails, social media, socialising with friends, downtime for watching Netflix, planning, having fun, working, goal setting, exercising, getting outside, etc. These choices are ones that you must make; however, by assigning them a place within a pre-given routine you’ll find yourself more accountable to your task list and daily mission to find success.


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