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4 Reasons Why University is Worth the Debt!

Written by Channon Gray

I think the first thing most future students think about before applying to university is, the question of, is the debt really worth it. I certainly did. I’ll tell you this right now, going to university is worth the debt – I can assure you of that.

As a recent graduate, I’d calculate my debt to be in excess of around £60,000, including all my student loans, outstanding credit cards, and a hefty overdraft. Now that is a lot for a 21-year-old. Let’s face it, it is not ideal but you might be asking: do I regret university? Is it worth the money? The answer being, I absolutely have no regrets about studying for my degree and YES, it is worth the price tag.

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The question on everyone's mind is that: is university or college worth the debt? Is the course worth the money it costs? Do you need a degree to get a good job? Well, I've answered all those questions for you - // heythereChannon #University #StudentTips #Debt

Here’s why university is worth the debt…

One: the future prospects regarding life, employment, and self-fulfilment.

This is probably obvious, but having a degree mostly certainly leads to increased opportunities for employment and life in general. Job positions and opportunities-in-general have a huge amount of competition these days; however, having a degree certainly gives you a head start. From this perspective alone, attending university is worth the debt!

Two: the skill-set required and built upon.

Being a student involves a wide skill-set that is continuously adapted, altered and improved. The skills are often beyond essay writing, reading and all what it means to simply, be ‘a student’. For example, living alone encompasses a wide range of skills; some of which you wouldn’t even realize you are building on each and everyday.

Three: the opportunities.

As mentioned in point one, the opportunities following university can be significantly increased once obtaining a degree. However, also worth noting is the opportunities available whilst still studying. Being enrolled as a student can bring about exciting adventures, courses, and extra-circular activities that make the hefty university price tag slightly more bearable.

Four: the life lessons!

Most importantly, university is worth it purely for the life lessons. During my three years at university, I learned more about myself than any other point in my life. It taught me how to be determined, confident and ultimately, myself. It sounds super cheesy but it’s true!

I hope that you will consider applying for university, despite the debt that may follow it.

Let me know in the comments below your thoughts on the price of studying, I’m intrigued to hear your opinions or if it affected your decision in going in the first place. Also, you can contact me here, should you want to speak to me further regarding this issue.

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