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18 Informative Student-Inspired Posts You’ll Want to Blog About

Student Blog Ideas to Write About // heythereChannon
Written by Channon Gray

Struggling from writer’s block, well have no fear, today is International Swap Ideas Day 2017; I have put together a list of 19 student blog ideas for you to write about.

Finding student-lifestyle blog ideas can be tricky, however, this simple list will help you well on your way!

18 Student Blog Ideas

18 Student Blog Post Ideas You MUST Write About // heythereChannon

1. Reflect on your time as a student so far:

Let’s face it, you’ve probably been a student for a while if you include all of your time at school, college and university (etc). So, therefore, you should write about your personal experiences. Document all of the life lessons you’ve learnt a long the way.

2. A day in the life of ‘a student’:

Readers love ‘day in the life’ posts/videos on Youtube. Why not share your average day? Things to include: your daily morning and night routine, things you like to eat and your study/work schedule.

3. Share your worries or concerns and how you’ve overcome them:

This is a sort of ‘progress post’ if you will! People like to hear about your worries and concerns, especially if they are relatable. If you have managed to overcome them, then share exactly how you did it so that others will benefit from your advice.

4. Publish your own UCAS Personal Statement:

I’d recommend that you do this towards the end of your degree, and perhaps only upload a draft version for copyright reasons. I’m currently putting together an Ultimate Guide to UCAS and within it, I have shared my personal statement from 2014 that landed me 5/5 university offers. Those looking to apply for 2018/19 are looking for good examples to use as a guide.

18 Student Blog Post Ideas You MUST Write About as a Lifestyle Blogger - As a student writer, writers-block can be a real issue; however, this list, posted in time for International Swap Ideas Day 2017 should help you well on your way // heythereChannon

5. Budgeting/Finance/Monitoring Money Guide:

Most student’s biggest concern is often money and budgeting; as let’s face it, when the student loan money comes in, it is hard not to spend it all without even realising. Tell your readers how you monitor and keep track of your finances.

6. Guide to Societies, include your favourites ones or those you are interested it:

Societies vary at universities/colleges; however, the basic premise of them and the vast majority are similar. Share your favourites and why you like them; for example, I enjoyed our United Nations and Amnesty International societies mainly for their global concern and outreach. Share those which you recommend and those that you do not.

7. How to Revise Effectively:

Share your tips and tricks for revising effectively. Create a ‘how to guide’ or short infographic containing all the information needed. Students are always keen to find better ways to revise, I read many blog posts about revising whilst studying.

8. An Essentials/Luxuries Packing List:

I have my own version of a comprehensive packing list, you’ll find it here. Make a list of all things you’d recommend taking as essentials or more interestingly, all those things that are unique but good to have, like this list!

9. Freshers Week Antics:

This one is great if you write a light-hearted blog; as everyone loves a good but funny story. Share with your readers, your freshers week antics and shenanigans. Write about the more embarrassing moments or juicy details.

10. How to make friends:

Students often find it difficult to make to friends, especially within those first few weeks in a new location with an entirely new group of people. Share your experiences and offer advice on what you did to negotiate the problem! Suggest things to do with acquaintances and conversation starters.

Student Blog Ideas to Write About // heythereChannon

11. Offers tips for writing a good essay – use an example, you are proud of, to demonstrate your points:

All students need to know how to write a good essay, whether that be one for science-based subjects or English Literature, etc. Share your highest scoring essay with your readers; just ensure that it has already been officially marked. Also, talk about tools that helped you achieved those skills, for example, my post on Grammarly.

12. Create an infographic:

Infographics could contain information about anything, literally ANYTHING; and that is why there are so effective and useful for bloggers. Write about an aspect of student life and turn it into an interesting and bright infographic.

13. Share the most interesting thing you’ve studied so far:

This is the perfect opportunity to share the most interesting things you’ve studied during your course so far. It could be controversial, politics or related to current world affairs. Anything you are interested in, someone else will be too!

18 Student Blog Post Ideas You MUST Write About as a Lifestyle Blogger - As a student writer, writers-block can be a real issue; however, this list, posted in time for International Swap Ideas Day 2017 should help you well on your way // heythereChannon

14. Put together an ongoing series:

These are a great way to share information about an aspect of student life over a period of time. You can include a lot of detail in short blog posts. I’ve written and uploaded several of these during my time as a blogger. One includes a series exploring all aspects of what it means to be a student.

15. ‘Check-ins’ as a student:

Write about internships, placements, summer opportunities, events or aspects of student social life. ‘Check-ins’ sound complicated, but it essentially means anything whereby you are participating in something more than just going to class or lectures. All those aspects of student life that make the university experience worthwhile.

16. Part-Time Job Ideas for Full-Time students:

Create a list of all Part-Time Job ideas that are ideal for students to engage in.

17. Recount your gap year, an interesting summer holiday or previous work experience encounters:

Who doesn’t love a good old travel blog post? Or one sharing work experience encounters? Er, EVERYONE LOVES THEM — duh!! It can be useful for those planning a gap year or deciding how to spend their work experience weeks.

18: Share your VERY BEST advice:

This is the key to blogging about student life as your own experiences can provide a valuable insight and the best advice. Share what you are passionate about or something you’ve learnt yourself. You never know, it might help someone else!

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18 Student Blog Post Ideas You MUST Write About as a Lifestyle Blogger - As a student writer, writers-block can be a real issue; however, this list, posted in time for International Swap Ideas Day 2017 should help you well on your way // heythereChannon

So here there you have it, on International Swap Ideas Day 2017, a list of useful student blog ideas to write about. This will no doubt come in handy when you are next suffering from writer’s block.

Let me know in the comments below if you have any more ideas to add to the list or answer this question, what is your favourite thing/type of post to blog about?

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May 14, 2018 16:38

Such nice ideas.. you have written it so well. Love this post!

McKenna Paulley
September 11, 2017 06:50

These are all wonderful post ideas. I just graduated with a B.S., and I might be taking some of these ideas in the near future to write about! Thank you for sharing! :)

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