“Look at things differently” and you might just find the answer to your problem!

“Look at things differently…”

Are you struggling with a university essay, a school presentation or a problem at work? Well, look at the problem differently and it might become clearer to you. Ask your Nan, your Mum, your Uncle or your Brother what they think the answer is… and you might just be able to solve it.

I am the worst for going over something over and over and over again. I tie myself up in knots over the most simplest of things. I was recently stuck on an Anthropology essay for University, the question was “which is more important: controlling the past or the future?” and so I asked my Nan for her opinion. She gave me the first answer that came to her head, without much thought. But that was exactly what I needed, and so my conclusion was formed. A different viewpoint can solve a million problems.

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