Last Chance to Apply for Student Finance England 2016!

Student Finance

This is just a quick reminder, as I only just remembered myself, regarding the application for Student Finance. The deadline for Student Finance England is May the 27th 2016 if you are new student, and if you are planning on applying then you must by this date in order to ensure that your payments are made on time for the new academic year to begin in September. You can apply by clicking here! 

If you don’t apply, then don’t expect to receive any money towards tuition fees nor the maintenance loan, which is designed for rental payments, university essentials such as books as well as food, transport and various other requirements. New students as of this year do not receive Maintenance Grants only the Loans, which is worth bearing in mind.

Also, you should contact your university of choice, to ask about any available scholarships or bursaries as with my university, they required a separate application form and more-or-less everyone was entitled to a bursary reward.

For continuing students, like me, the deadline I believe is June 24th 2016 for renewing applications for the upcoming academic year of 2016/17.

If you have missed the deadline, and are reading this post after the application date then fear not, just give Student Finance a call and I am certain they will be able to assist you. It might mean delays on your September payments.

If you have anymore questions, I can (try to) assist you, if you message my Facebook page here

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