Indulge Waffle House Truro, Cornwall: The World’s Best Waffles?

Indulge Waffle House in Truro nearly always has a queue outside of its doors, especially during the lunch rush hour. It is popular to say the least. Having spent MONTHS drooling over their Facebook group pictures of waffles lagged in Nutella (yum), ‘freakshakes’ doused in whipped cream and all round food heaven; I have now had the pleasure of tasting some of their goodies for myself, notably a homemade, to order, waffle covered in warm Nutella sauce, fresh strawberries and delicious vanilla ice-cream. It was DIVINE.

Waffle House Truro

The Menu and Our Experience

The elaborate sweet treat menu has a wide variety of waffle toppings; with the three of us going for all different options from banoffee inspired to brownie galore. One thing is for certain, the toppings are by no means stingy. I’ll be honest, we all struggled to finish the entire thing but squeezed it in as it was too good to leave.

They offer a gluten and dairy free option for anyone requiring special dietary requirements, which is super handy to know.

It is also worth noting how incredibly lovely the staff are! On our first visit to the café in Victoria Square, Truro, we were in a rush to make our viewing of Beauty and the Beast at the cinema; the lady behind the counter, despite being absolutely pressed with things to do was still very accommodating and welcoming. The girls behind the till are just genuinely nice and inviting.

I’d highly recommend the Indulge Waffle House in Truro, Cornwall. If you are ever about and stuck for something to eat, then drop by! The service is quick and even if there is a queue, it is worth the wait, I promise.

I am no waffle connoisseur, but this is for sure the best waffle house I’ve ever visited! 

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