I know who A is… #PLL #FAceToFace


Firstly, here is a link to a Buzzfeed article that explains how I feel right now and about PLL in general!

Right so, this is completely irrelevant to my usual blog posts but I have just found out who A is on Pretty Little Liars and now I am completely (and utterly) confused. Admittingly, I am only on Season Three (yay for me) and ‘A’ is actually yet to be introduced (how that is possible I don’t even know) but Cece, I mean seriously?

Ever since I started watching PLL a few weeks back, I haven’t gone to bed before 3am. I am addicted, hooked, obsessed and I’m pretty certain that my Mum is fed up of me talking about ‘A’. Once I finish the six seasons, I guess, I will have to go back to being social again.

As a series, it is like being in a mirror maze upside down whilst dressed in a reflective costume. Throughout, I ask myself multiple questions including “wait, who just died? Who even is that? And, what just happened?”… It’s great, but confusing. I also wonder if these four girls after six years are ever going to graduate from high school and what did they actually do to deserve all of this? They must have been awful in their previous life!

Anyway, I just thought I’d share my confusion and disbelief. Over and out,

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P.S. Does anyone know if Jenna is actually blind? 



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