Etsy Sticker Haul Part I – planning and colour-coding stickers!

Written by Channon Gray

Etsy Sticker Haul // heythereChannon

Etsy Sticker Haul // heythereChannon

Etsy Sticker Haul // heythereChannon

Etsy Sticker Haul // heythereChannon

As I have mentioned before on here, I am a complete stationery addict. However, to go alongside my sticker-holic obsession, extensive pen collection and my ridiculous paperclip assortment. I recently developed a planner/Filofax/journaling love as well and along with that comes Etsy shopping – I know, more spending for my poor, poor student bank account!

Stickers and colour coding help me to stay organised, especially with my ridiculously busy university timetable and being someone who suffers from both dyslexia and dyspraxia. Each of my modules has a colour, my blog has a colour, etc, and so I thought why not have a sticker for everything too? Birthdays, doctors, dentist appointments, cleaning, hovering, laundry, grocery shopping, weight tracking, ‘hydrating’ and of course, most importantly Starbucks coffee dates (with myself)! In fact, as I write this now I am in Starbucks drinking a Skinny White Mocha (skinny, because it makes me feel better about the amount of sugar in it) – oh, how London.

Anyway, I basically went on a massive Etsy sticker rampage, spent probably too much money on something largely pointless and I thought I would share with you what I got because oh my, these are too cute not to. I ordered from The Hummingbird Planner, The Geeky Planner, Pemberley Prints and Planner Chick Designs, which are yet to arrive from the US.

As mentioned, Planner Chick Designs is a US based shop but all the others are in the UK and their delivery was fast and cheap! All of the stickers are completely matte and therefore easy to write on, which means far less Sharpies are being destroyed lately. My absolute favourite ones are the coffee takeaway cups, but then again Pemberley Prints stickers in general are amongst the best as the shipping was just £1 and she has so many designs. I ended up ordering even more (a lot more), which will be up soon in a separate post – eeekkk exciting.

The Geeky Planner sent a free sample of social media icons. This I thought was a nice touch, and a couple of the Instagram ones have been put to good use already. Similarly, the Hummingbird Planner provided a cute sample as did Pemberley Prints, many of which I have now ordered full sticker sheets of those in the sampler.

I have been using the teardrop stickers to write down important meetings and events, such as Academic Advisor appointments, events taking place in the evenings and key things I must not forget. The trolley stickers I use for when I do online food shopping, the laptop’s are good for blog post planning, the cleaning stickers are perfect for reminding me of chores to do around my flat, the scales to track weight and the hydrate stickers to remind me to drink water (because honestly, I am the absolute worst when it comes to this).

I am absolutely loving use my planner lately and this it is mainly because I get to use stickers, washi tape, bright pens and of course, all of my writing is now in a form of typography (I blame instagram!). Any-hows, I am thinking of sharing some of my planner designs here, so let me know if you would be interested in that because creativity can never go without a miss! Also, don’t forget to subscribe to my mailing list so that you don’t miss future Etsy/sticker/planner hauls.

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