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Don’t forget to register for the EU Referendum Vote!

Today is your last chance to register to vote in the EU Referendum and honestly, it is so unbelievably important that you do.

Whilst I know that a large majority of my readers are students, like moi, every vote counts whether you are young or old. This is something that I feel passionate about and I would like to encourage everyone to share their voice, opinion and ideas

I could easily rant on about my opinions on the EU, but I won’t. I will, however, considering that my view is already very well known, say that I will vote to stay IN the European Union.

It doesn’t matter what you vote, it matters that you vote. All to often I hear people complaining about the government, the country, employment, education, rights, blah, blah, blah. And sometimes, but of course not always, these are people who didn’t bother to have their say despite being given a perfect opportunity.

It is entirely your decision what you do, but why not register and shed your opinion on something that could affect your life, your children’s lives and the generations beyond that. Why not? What are you waiting for?

The EU is a monumentous choice to make, and arguably one of the most important decisions of our lifetimes. It shouldn’t be taken lightly, and please research beyond the media (which is vastly becoming a shambles) !

Register, get informed and cast your vote.

You have until midnight tonight on June 7th. Don’t leave it until it is too late.

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