About Me

Channon Gray // heythereChannon 

I am student who is clueless about money, lives in a giant city and doesn’t know how to cook.

Join me as I blog my university journey… I can promise you that it will never fail to make you smile!

Hello, my name is Channon, I’m 18 and I live currently in Central London as I am studying Social Anthropology at University.

Although I still call Cornwall my home where I live with my Mum and little Sister, Natalie!

We have a ridiculous amount of pets, one chocolate Labrador called Becky, Poppy the hamster and three cats: Socks, Mopsy and Cookie. We used to have a fish called Chris (R.I.P) and two hamsters: Pandora/Panda and Playdoh. Yes, I named my pets after Skins characters.

I have just finished college after studying the International Baccalaureate for two years of which I discovered my love for Anthropology (if you don’t know what it is then find out here)! I would like to become an International Journalist once graduating.

(This is so much harder than it looks – help?)

I have always been interested in the idea of ‘blogging’ but I have always assumed that I would be far too boring to even attempt to start writing. In 2013 I joined a writing club and I have since realised that I would like to give all this a go! I’m heavily inspired by Young House Love, Zoella, Tanya Burr and Anna Saccone.

Last summer, I set myself a challenge, to try something new, so here it goes.

Have fun, be happy, be nice.

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